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A place to read my stories and thoughts on the books I have read. Find links to sites related to writing & reading as I discover them. A blog may appear as I uncover the wonders and downfalls of writing and life. A place that will develop over time.


A different view;

Gun, Needle, Spoon -Reviewed by Sally Shaw- Gun, Needle, Spoonis a memoir by Patrick O’Neil (Dzanc Books 2015). I was drawn to reading...

The Power Of Memories & Letters

Martita, I Remember You – A Story in English and Spanish by Sandra Cisneros (A Vintage Contemporaries Original, September 2021, United...

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton Reviewed by Sally Shaw The Outsiders (first published in the USA by The Viking Press, 1967) a story about...

Tear His Head Off His Shoulders by Nell Dunn

Tear His Head Off His Shoulders by Nell Dunn Reviewed by Sally Shaw Tear His Head Off His Shoulders (Penguin Books 1976) is under a...

A disappearance brings a fresh seeing:

The Reservoir Tapes By Jon McGregor ( 4th Estate London 2017) Reviewed by Sally Shaw The disappearance of Becky Shaw unlocks a story. The...

A story for all times

Poor Cow by Nell Dunn – Virgo Press 2013 Reviewed by Sally Shaw Poor Cow, originally published in 1967 when I was 2 years old. Now aged...


A review of Ian McEwan's book 'The DayDreamer


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